Don’t Tell Me

Don’t Tell by Joe Garland

E-   E-    D   E-
Don’t tell me more of your lies
Maybe someone who still cares will listen
Don’t say what you think I want to hear
It doesn’t matter anymore.

Don’t worry about me again
Find someone who swoons at your kissing
Don’t tell her the things you’ve said to me
As I turned to walk out the door

F#-   C#-    E    A
That Sunday when we were caught in the rain
You said it would wash our sins away
How very much I needed you then
Needed you to be there

Memories, too many to name
How many times did I beg you to stay
You’d laugh, say we had many tomorrows
More than enough to share

Ah the champagne   and the candles and the subtle lights
Next morning’s sun will rise
Ah the stories   and the excuses and the wasted nights
And the cavalcade of lies
Is that how love dies?

I was no better than you
I saw what I wanted to see
And it was us together
As happy and as one

I’ll try to think fondly of you
Knowing you won’t think of me
As anything but a diversion
You enjoyed until you were done

C A- F C G
C A- F C


She had graduated with honors
The year before from Barnard
She lived in the ground floor of a brownstone
With a concreted-in yard

Her friends had unpaid internships
And could afford to live alone
She worked like a serf but at least got paid
Though she walked with a hand-me-down phone

He worded six days each week as a lawyer
Long hours and no lunch were the rule
He told himself he would make partner
Though he’d gone to a second-tier school

He had massive loans, but was well paid
And could afford to rent near the Park
He was often tired but would clear his head
With brisk walks after dark

She giggled in nervousness , when he asked for her name
As they stood in line for a brew
There was something about each that the other liked
They lingered an extra minute or two.

They lingered longer the next time they met
And longer still the time after that
So it was that they fell in love
And together grew old and fat

He never did make partner
But in the end he didn’t care
She found a job that she loved
And was happy each day she was there

The more time they spent with each other
The closer0 0they found they had grown
Those friends with internships had babies
Some were still living alone

Break: B E F C