meetupAcoustic Guitar Meet-Up (Larchmont): Usually, but not always, held on the 3rd Friday of the month. Up to 16 guitarists show up Groove Performing-Arts Center — it’s really just a big room — at 7-7:30 and continue until about 9:30. A big circle. Each person brings one or two songs, which are passed around. The bringer-of-music sets the tempo, and everyone plays/sings along. Towards the end, it opens up for performances. A broad range of styles and experiences. $10. But a portion of the proceeds are used for a post-event bar bill a couple of doors down. (Photo by Guy Carlson, from Oct. 2016’s Meet-Up.)


St. Bart’s Acoustic Cafe Meet-Up (White Plains): At St. Bart’s Church, which is in southern White Plains, east of Route 22, on occasional Saturdays at 6. Mark D. is the organizer. The Church is small and beautiful with a high, pitched ceiling that lends itself to great acoustics. Mark and his team set up small tables in an open area in front of the altar. He operates the soundboard and runs everything through amps and a sound-system. A Steinway Grand. Each person gets to do two or three songs, depending on how many show up. A very nice group and varied performance styles and an appreciative audience. Wine and beer available for small donation, plus some snacks. $3.

Craigslist for Westchester Musicians: If you’re trying to get something started or add the missing piece.

Craigslist for Musical Instruments: Self-explanatory.