Eldorado, by Joe Garland © 2016

Cm, Cm, Cm, Cm, Fm, Fm, Cm, G-Cm. Using C, F, and G blues scales

I had a map to Eldorado
But my map was lost
I knew I had to get there
No matter what the cost
I searched, on my own
Wrong turns along the way
I’m heading to Eldorado
I’ll get there any day.

Now and then I think
It’s a straight road ahead.
Too often I found myself
On a detour instead.
Once it was a sad-eyed girl
Who offered me a smile.
She was headed somewhere else,
We parted, friends, after a while.

Hoped for luck in Chicago,
A city brass and bold,
I only found loneliness
And nothing made of gold.
Sometimes I’ve wanted to stop.
Remain just where I stood.
But I couldn’t forget Eldorado
And knew I never would.

Break: F E usw.

I don’t know why
But I know
I have to try
Whether fast or slow
I lost my guide
A long time ago
No one by my side
When I get to . . . Eldorado

There was a girl in Amarillo
Or some other dusty town
Her eyes were green and misty
Her hair a chocolate brown.
I stayed with her too long
Stay was what she wanted to do
It was not my Eldorado
I headed for someplace new.

I know I’ll get to Eldorado
It’s waiting out there for me
I’ll know it when I reach it,
The gold plentiful and free.
The wind will be calm
And the vistas broad
When I get to Eldorado
I’ll thank the Lord.