Eight In The Evening

It’s Eight in the Evening        Capo 5

C       Tell me please tell me.
E-      When you’ll be home.
C       It’s eight in the evening.
E-      And I’m all alone.
D-     You said you were shopping.
A-     And wouldn’t be long.
D-     Now I am thinking.
G       That something is wrong.

C       I made my dinner.
E-      The dishes are clean.
C       I’m watching an old movie.
E-      Which I think you have seen.
D-     Then I don’t know.
A-     What I will do.
D-     I’m very worried.
G       What’s happened to you?

C       It’s now after midnight.
E-      I’m lying in bed.
C       Thinking I did something.
E-      Or perhaps what I said.
D-     I slept for a while.
A-     Woke up at three.
D-     You weren’t back home.
G       Where could you be?

C       It’s half past seven,
E-      Still no sign.
C       Just send me a message.
E-      That everything’s fine.
D-     I had some coffee.
A-     And Cheerios.
D-     I asked your friends.
G       Nobody knows.

F   A-    F    A-   G-   D-   G-   C/C7

C       Yeah I’m at work.
E-      My staff meeting is next.
C       Just tell me what’s up.
E-      A quick call or a text.
D-     I’ll be on the road.
A-     Till after three.
D-     I’ll have my phone.
G       Why the mystery?

C       I’m heading home now.
E-      Still haven’t heard.
C       When you get this message.
E-      Give me some word.
D-     Nothing on Facebook.
A-     No emergency call.
D-     If I did something.
G       I just can’t recall.

C       Tell me please tell me
E-      When you’ll be home.
C       It’s eight in the evening,
E-      And I’m all alone.
D-     Is it me,
A-     Or somebody new?
D-     Tell me please tell me
G       Whether we’re through.