Subway by Joe Garland

She looked good in burgundy
With horizontal stripes
On a subway car in Brooklyn
Heading for Crown Heights
It was a humid Thursday
The A/C blast full on
The four train stopped at Franklin
Suddenly she was gone

He stood there with his posse
Of skateboard-wielding bros
All have them wore flannel
Two were growing ‘fros
He patiently gave directions
To a lost guy in a suit
I heard a girl behind me say
“I think he’s really cute”

Whoa, you call them headphones?
I can each and every beat
And I noticed that you didn’t offer
That pregnant girl your seat
I also noticed how
You treat everyone like dirt
I bet you’re pretty street
For a white guy in a Dalton shirt


I think she was from India
Wearing a Jasmine sari
Next to a Jamaican
With a toddler on her knee
She had a certain something
It wasn’t exactly clear
She mesmerized everyone
Who happened to be near

I once saw the girl of my dreams
Heading uptown on a D
I never got to speak to her
I was downtown on a B
And so she disappeared,
Forever from my life
Which probably was a good thing
I already had a wife

He started playing
“No Woman No Cry”
She started singing
In a voice both warm and high
As the words and the music
Echoed through the car
He stood gracefully
Strumming his guitar


She was reading her novel
Translated from the French
About an inheritance
A marques and a wench
She looked up when she heard the train had been delayed
She went back to her story
Of a man who was betrayed
When he had gotten loud.

There were five blonde tourists
Passing around a map
Two looked a little nervous
As if they’d been caught inside a trap
“What are they doing in Brooklyn”
Someone said aloud
“We’re here for the adventure
Far from the Times Square crowd”

He looked to be a hipster
The Village’s where he got on
He took two seats for himself
For Williamsburg he was gone
And when he was some people laughed
At his pretentious ways
Good to get some humor
On the hot and sultry days

It’s not always perfect
Sometimes it’s just a crowd
Sometimes people are rude
Sometimes they are too loaud
And sometimes I’m just happy
To be off and to be gone
It doesn’t matter who’s aboard
The subway rumbles on